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Architectural programming is the cornerstone of all architectural services. By determining the design requirements of our clients, this process establishes the guidelines for which any project should follow, beginning with programming and continuing through the design process. The textbook definition of Architectural programming is the process of seeking out and defining the design problem and the requirements that must be met in the design solution.

At Landry & Lewis Architects, P.A., we believe that by providing intuitive leadership and collaboration with our clients, a higher standard of service is achieved, resulting in a final project that is successful in satisfying the requirements of the design and ultimately meeting the needs of the user.


Master planning, or long range planning, is vital to the efficiency and organization of larger scale projects that will occur in phases over a longer time period. This process provides a plan for expansion over time with future design considerations applied to the current conditions and immediate need of the client. Master Planning creates a viable, intelligent, and proficient plan from which the Architect and client together can make confident decisions that are beneficial to the client’s endeavor not only in the present, but for years to come.

Landry & Lewis Architects, P.A. has provided master planning services to many clients that, over time, experienced extensive growth where the original Master Plan was followed closely and resulted in a more organized and simplistic process for establishing the design requirements. Some of our master planning projects include:

  • Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, McComb, MS
  • Jones County School District, Jones County, MS
  • Lamar County School District, Lamar County, MS
  • Petal School District, Petal, MS
  • Temple Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS


Landry & Lewis Architects, P.A. provide comprehensive architectural services including, architectural programming, schematic design, interior design development, bidding and negotiation, construction administration, and site planning and design. Through our consultants we also provide certified structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering services. Our “full service” philosophy has created many mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, resulting in literally thousands of successful building projects, many of which are for repeat clients. Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and our clients trust us to provide services that deliver a project that is designed to meet their needs, on time and within their budget; that is the most valuable service an Architect can provide.


Interior design is an integral part of any project, and brings to life the three- dimensional interior spaces through the use of shape, color, texture, materials, and light. Whether simple color selection or full interior design, furnishing and finishes package is required, Landry & Lewis Architects, P.A. can meet the challenge. Interior design complements the project’s exterior architecture and can enhance even the simplest design creating an interior environment that reflects each spaces ultimate use.